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The foundation of the company Von Zipper started from the motto: “Did not find product that meet your needs?! – Create it on your own!” And indeed, it is what happened in 1999 year with the group of Californian surfriding amateurs. After reaching some point of professionalism in surfing, skating and snowboarding they faced with the problem that the proposal in the optical market does not meet their demand in high quality and protective sunglasses. This was a major impetus to establish manufacture of innovative sport glasses on their own. The efforts have been appreciated not only by amateurs but also by professionals in different kinds of sport. Appearance of Von Zipper Sunglasses changed the views on a sport equipment and philosophy of quality and durability of such type products. Today as well as 10 years ago Von Zipper remains to be the innovative brand that offers only the best from the sports professionals.

Von Zipper is one of the most successful optical companies in America. The most famous products of the brand are protective sport masks. Even if you are not a professional sportsman you can understand from the first look – Von Zipper Sun glasses it is what you was looking for. In this eyewear style successfully combines with functional frame. Wearing mask Von Zipper you are always ready for a heavy weather conditions and different reflectivities of the surface. All models of masks have lenses with anti-fogging coating and 100 % UVA and UVB protection. Moreover, Von Zipper is the company who brought all innovative achievements and implementations from professional sport sunglasses in the collections of day-to-day eyewear. Such Von Zipper Sunglasses are presented by vast men's collection. A lot of models repeat the color schemes of the brand’s masks: orange and yellow, green and blue, red and yellow etc. The eyewear can be in a sporty wrap shape or in more classical wayfarers and aviators styles. You can also easily find black, gray and tortoise Von Zipper Eye wear. The women's collection sticks closer to a sport style too. First of all it is dynamical shields, butterflies and aviators. All sunglasses made of high quality materials with usage of technologies of the latest generation.

Eyewear Von Zipper it is an accessory witch quality does not cause any doubts. During more than for one decade these models earned a reputation of reliable and durable sunglasses. With Von Zipper Eyewear you no longer need to concentrate on unnecessary things, be yourself and get pleasure from your sport adventures. And trendy Sunglasses Von Zipper will perfectly accomplish your style!

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