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The brand Von Zipper is a bold answer on a lack of demanded goods. The story started when at some point of surfing craze the group of friends found their eyewear ineffective to protect from dangers of their love sport. Thus the company Von Zipper was founded. It happened in warm California in 1999 year. Since that time this brand always associate with innovative technologies, durable quality and daring design. More than for 10 years Von Zipper earned the reputation that merit an esteem of such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Robert Downey Jr., Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Kanye West etc.

Eyeglasses Von Zipper are the logical extension of the collections of sunglasses. The glasses presented as men’s and unisex models. Designers prefer large shapes more than small and refined. You can find a lot of interpretations of wayfarers – squared, rounded and classical. The frames of Eye glasses Von Zipper look not too heavy and not too light. Most of the models have an emphasis on the top part of the frames that made from plastic. And lower part will look like a stripe of thin metal. The accessories with uniform thickness of frames are from acetate. The colors of the Eye wear Von Zipper look very rich and luxurious – deep black, brown, havana, gray and gold. The models are made from innovative plastic and metals. The eyewear have very reliable screws from stainless steel. The standard of high quality is provided by Italian manufacturer. Company Von Zipper is one of the most famous American brands. Von Zipper it is not only the eyeglasses of premium quality with use of the latest technologies but also the way of life displaying the personality of their owner. Von Zipper Eyeglasses it is a style inspired by sport and street trends.

It is easy to be in the center of fashion events if you wear luxurious and stylish Eyewear Von Zipper. Purchase with our branded online shop exboutique.com will impress all your friends! Enough to dream about individual style, it is time to create it by your own hands. On our site you will find convenient catalogue with detailed description of the models. All that you need to do it is to trust to the taste of Von Zipper Eye glasses and to make your life brighter! Make your purchases with exboutique.com and get benefits from our low prices!

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