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The fashion brand Valentino – is synonymous with brilliant lifestyle. Its founder Valentino Garavani is the uncrowned king of Italian fashion. In the fullness of time his clothes were performed by the richest and the most famous women: Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone, Gina Lollobrigida and other world stars. Dresses from Valentino are placed at the museums of fashion where they illustrate examples of beauty and high style. Collection of Valentino Sunglasses proved that the Italian fashion house Valentino inextricably links past and present to each other. It relies on the style of the last century and creates modern masterpieces of optical industry. A lot of women choose vintage Valentino Eyewear due to their exclusiveness and ability to create a unique image. Such feminine cat eyes, butterflies, round and even aviator sunglasses appear in fresh interpretations and symbolize the high fashion. Designed for a modern woman, Valentino Sun glasses reflect her strong character and romantic nature.

The new models of Sunglasses Valentino are presented in a bold retro style, including subtle contrasts in conjunction with recognizable elements of Valentino's fashion. Laces, studs, flowers and soft waves are the essential zests of the brand. In one case, the laces create a shadow effect on the surface of a transparent acetate and in other – they are laser-engraved on the sides of a round lens of “Aviator”models. Small butterfly wings, roses, plaits and “V” elements inspire with its femininity. Very originally look the models of Valentino Eyewear with crystals Swarovski on the temples or glass of lenses. The decorative solutions of Valentino's designers are so vast that it amazes a fantasy! With Eye wear Valentino you do not need to adjust for the same type of designs that inherent by particular brands. With Valentino you can keep your individuality and find the exclusively suitable sunglasses for your style.

Sun glasses Valentino is a collection that fully reflects the ideals of the fashion house. Elegance, romance, top quality materials, lenses of high ultra violet level of protection, exclusive decorative details are the distinctive features of each model. Fashion house Valentino have a licensing agreement on production of its eyewear with Marchon Eyewear Inc. This American company established itself as a reliable manufacturer of optical production. Purchasing Valentino Eye wear you stay on the top of style and at the same time care about your vision. The site of branded eyewear exboutique.com make special price offers on original products. Now after buying Valentino Sunglasses you can fully enjoy your profitable purchase.

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