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Style, provocation, glamour…These three words embody the ideas and concepts of a very talented American designer Tom Ford whose brilliant career started in the Italian fashion house Gucci. No wonder that the gifted designer aimed to establish his own commercial brand. To date from the 2005 year Tom Ford opened more than 100 boutiques of clothing and accessories overall. Such success won’t be possible without extraordinary collections that sell like hot cakes! Now, you can estimate all the most daring and innovative trends of eyewear fashion in Tom Ford Glasses.

It is easy to identify the distinctive features of Tom Ford’s style: the elegant shapes repeating the contour of inverted “8”, the firm bridge decorating the top of the frame or, for example, D-shaped incision of the frame in the outer side of lenses. All this small zests make the Tom Ford brand so recognizable and exclusive. Eyeglasses Tom Ford are made from thin metal or thickened plastic. Following the example of many other designers Tom Ford decided to address to a retro topic of 60s of the last century. This is not surprising, because the company often get inspired by the motifs of the past. However, the models look originally, fresh and stylish.

Rectangular variants of Tom Ford Sun glasses will catch the fancy by the strong half of mankind. So loved by women stylish butterflies and cat eyes with deliberately pointed upper ends create a festive mood and associate with spring or summer. The oval Tom Ford Glasses look very stylish, but fans of “drops” shape of a frame will also find interesting alternatives for themselves. The lens colors are full of mild shades: light or pale blue, violet and purple, caramel and yellow, brown and grey. The gradient glass will satisfy the fans of high quality branded optics.

The models of Tom Ford Eyeglasses and Sunglasses it is not only fashionable and progressive design, but also very modern technological solutions: for example, the usage of optical lenses from polycarbonate, that gives 100% protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun. In addition, the important benefits of polycarbonate lenses are very light weight and solidity. Tom Ford offers high-end quality, exquisite design and a wide collection of truly unique models. All this you can see by yourself just looked at the pages of our catalog. We recommend to pay more attention for this brand - a very popular all over the world.

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