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Sonia Rykiel Sunglasses might have claimed the most nancy accessories. They are created by french fashion designer Sonia Rykiel. Ethnically she is a Russian-Romanian Jew, who was born in Paris. Her creations are full of sophistication due to a great variety if strobes, stripes, stones, words and studs .

The designer is famous for her fashion collections of clothes, especially for long clinging sweaters and small cropped pullovers. She has also created a range of fragrances. Designer has written many books, such as a “A to Z of fashion” and a collection of children's story. In 1980 Rykiel was voted one of the world's 10 most elegant women. She has never studied fashion, it's always been about what she want to do at any given moment.

Sunglasses of Rykiel are able to add a luxury in any style. Its peculiar shapes, a great diversity of colours and thickened frames kept drawing everybody's eye. These unusual, sophisticated and feminine glasses are presented in black as well as in bright colours. So, you can choose an accessory to every image and to every situation.

The Sonia Rykiel collection brings together high-quality material with a piece of audacity and plays with exclusive colours. The frames are created for women, which are a symbol of sexuality, elegance and intellectuality.

To the 40th celebration of Sonia Rykiel Fashion House foundation there was created funny collection of sunglasses with round lenses, decorated with pearls. Sonia Rykiel eyewear is a bright world with lots of men, watching on you admiringly.

In our online shop exboutique.com you will find the most popular models of Sonia Rykiel collection.

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