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Ray-Ban is the best eyewear in the world. Such thing cannot be claimed by any other manufacturer of sunglasses. Ray-Ban can afford to say this building on its leading position in technology, superior quality products, as well as the general idea of devotion and talent of its employees. The legendary brand Ray-Ban has received well-deserved worldwide reputation for its excellent optical properties, quality and unchanging style. This is one of those names that associated with high class and peerless efficiency, developed in more than half-century of relentless struggle for leadership in technology.

Brand Ray Ban is well known since 1937. The first model of Ray-Ban Sunglasses was created for the pilots of the Air Force United States. This model got name “Aviator”. Since then it took many decades and today this shape became the real legend in the world of fashion. Among the admirers of the brand were noticed famous politicians such as John F. Kennedy, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and celebrities – Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Britney Spears. This trust was earned by demonstrating the first-rate quality and style of Sunglasses Ray-Ban during 75 years.

Throughout the history of the Ray-Ban Eyewear distinctive feature of the brand has been the highest quality glass and polycarbonate lenses developed on the basis of the most advanced technologies for the most complete eye protection from ultraviolet radiation. Nowadays Ray-Ban offers polarized, photochromic, B-15 High Contrast Brown, G-15 high-contrast gray-green lenses, which have the unique characteristics for protection of your eyes. The basic colors and gradients for Ray-Ban Sun glasses are gray-green – for the general purpose; brown – for a fade sun, foggy weather or conditions with insufficient lighting; pink or violet for a foggy weather – it increases the contrast; orange or yellow for cloudy weather. As you see it will not be a problem to choose sunglasses for your special purpose.

A variety of models of Sunglasses Ray-Ban, types of frames and colors can impress the most discerning fashion-mongers. But the special stars of the collection are models of legendary “Aviators” and gorgeous ”Wayfarers”. Today as previously, Eyewear Ray-Ban satisfies the most sophisticated requirements. Brand offers classical, trendy and elitist models, even particular glasses for driving and sports.

Ray-Ban is a living legend that always relevant and meets the current fashion trends. Purchasing Ray-Ban sunglasses you are getting top-quality elite product created with care and experience of professionals since 1937. The online shop of branded eyewear exboutique.com is specially created to help you to make a choice of your exclusive model of sunglasses.

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