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Professional sport quality – this way we can describe an iconic brand Oakley. The Oakley company has been produced the best sunglasses in the world for sport and active recreation since 1975. Innovations and patented materials allow the company to create a product that meets all the requirements of professional athletes. Development and production of sunglasses are the main company’s activities. That’s why Sunglasses Oakley think about the smallest details, such as UV and mechanical protection, color rendition and comfort properties. Initially, the brand started its production with eyewear for professional athletes, and then used their technologies in sunglasses for ordinary customers.

There are many aspects which make Sun glasses Oakley so unique. First of all, if you wear these sunglasses it will guarantee 100 % protection from UV rays. Not each sun glass frame will cope with this function. Some brands use a special coating to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation. But if the surface of the lenses is scratched – it opens the way for radiation. Oakley solved the problem fundamentally and thoroughly, using a special material Plutonite, which doesn’t transmit ultraviolet light. The second guarantee for a customer of Oakley Sun glasses is a clear image. Any optical lens distorts the image, especially curved lenses used in sport glasses. When you wear such sunglasses you can concentrate on the favorite activity, as well as Oakley Sun glasses give your eyes unforgettable comfort and respite.

The high durability is the next particularly level of quality for sports eyewear. Oakley Sunglasses can withstand a direct mechanical impact of a hammer. This quality is proved by American test on safety - ANSI. The sunglass specialization gives double advantages for the branded Oakley Eyewear. The main goal of the company is the constant developing of new technologies for improvement of eyewear models and their quality. This is the sphere where the company holds a strong position as a leader on the optical market. The Oakley Eyewear brand is a legislator of style and fashion. Of course, and no doubt that the entire team of designers, engineers and technologists set the overall direction of movement and create new and unique models of sunglasses. Although, the most spread models of sunglass frame are still wrap, square and aviators. All these shapes implemented in a sporty style perfectly and will become your secure protection in any endeavor. The bright and fancy colors of Eyewear Oakley will allow your outfits to look bright and unforgettable. When you buy Oakley Sunglasses you could combine with your sport hobby getting pleasure from the work activities.

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