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The story of Nike started from sport shoes in 1972 year. For 28-odd years the company collected an extensive experience in applying of advanced technologies and materials for production of sport dresses and in 2000 year it successfully implemented all achievements in the first collection of Nike Sunglasses. Starting from the very beginning the mission of the brand was to carry the innovations and inspiration to every athlete. At the same time Nike feels that any person in the world can be a sportsman. And it is simple – you just need to like an active way of life. The collections of Eyewear Nike perfectly copes with the mission That is why it includes models of various styles: from sports to classic and vintage.

The strength sides of Nike Sun glasses are the diversity of colors, durability and comfort in using. The company Nike released sunglasses in wayfarers, aviators, wrap and square shapes that were interpreted in a sporty way. Almost all models of their eye wear look as unisex. And in fact “sport” doesn't have any gender – it is a way of humanity's life. That is why you will find a lot of models suitable just for a sport style, but not for some specific gender. The colors also do not highlight any specific sex, it can be dark as well as bright: black and brown, dark gray and green, yellow and orange, tortoise, purple, green and red. No doubt that lenses of Sun glasses Nike have exceptional qualities that give an optimized image clarity, relaxing and reliable protection against harmful ultra violet radiation. The peculiarity of the Eye wear Nike is vented nasal septum, which makes it possible to circulate the air and thus reduces fogging of lenses. In addition it provides reliable maintenance of sunglasses on a nose, that is double valuable when you need to move fast. That is why Sunglasses Nike are suitable for anyone who go in for sports: starting from elite athletes to many millions of sports admirers.

The company uses the best innovative technologies for creation of Nike Eyewear collections: Max Optics, Engineered Tints, nose pads with ventilation, metal with memory, etc. We have in mind such frames that can adapt to the shape of your face, which is very convenient. The collection of Nike Sunglasses that we offer in our online boutique exboutique.com is usually updated with the latest models so you can easily find something suitable for yourself.

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