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The brand Juicy Couture have very bright, stylish and fun models. It offers the daily life from “couture” with addition of amazing items. Juicy Couture was founded in 1997 year by two “crazy-about-fashion” friends. It quickly gained international recognition and millions of fans, including impressive list of celebrities. The main advantages of the Juicy Couture Eyeglasses are versatility and practicality along with properties such as beauty, style and glamor. Designers of the brand had enough to work hard on creation of a separate philosophy of fashion and produce a versatile, practical and at the same time incredibly beautiful Eye glasses Juicy Couture. Before the first collection of the Juicy glasses appeared the fair half of mankind had to face a deadly dilemma: the choice between comfort and refinement. But today a compromise solution is found and this solution you can see in the models of glamor Juicy Couture Eye glasses!

If such a cult thing like Juicy Couture Eyewear exist in your wardrobe – it is a sign of good taste with elements of glamor. Feminine, chic and playful frames from Juicy Couture got recognized among fashionist as all around the world. During any season Juicy Couture collection of eyeglasses are represented in different colors ranging from dark and tortoiseshell colors to bright yellow and neon pink. Models of Juicy Couture Eye wear are well known for their frames decorated with playful hearts, symbols of peace and crystals Swarovski. Special attention is given for prints of colored spots and floral compositions. And of course temples are decorated with famous “Juicy Couture” phrase which written in a Gothic letters. The styles of the glasses are quite classical. Most of the models of Eyewear Juicy Couture are made in oval and square shapes. Some of their accessories have slight influence of “wayfarer” shape. The brand has the license agreement with manufacturing company Safilo Group S.p.A. which means that quality of Juicy Couture Glasses are in a highest level. The accessories are made from top-quality plastic or metal, the latest technologies of production help to maintain a high quality of raw materials. As the result the eyeglasses have perfect style from “Juicy Couture” and excellence of “Safilo Group”.

In Eye wear Juicy Couture will be appropriate to relax in some evening coffee or on a morning jogging, or for a young mom on a walk with a child. These amazingly bright, shiny accessories will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness. Forget the boring and monotonous glasses! The most original and trendy Juicy Couture Eyeglasses from our stylish catalog will open a new page of your image!

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