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One of the most expensive branded collections is a collection of Fred Lunettes. This brand is well known and very popular in the world of jewelry and eyewear optics since 1988 year. The style of the brand’s sun glasses is always recognizable. It is not only a high status, high technology and functionality but also a special elegance full of grace and artistry. Fred became one of the first major jewelry companies who decided to transform eyewear into an adornment. In 1988 it established the division of Fred Lunettes that started to deal with the release of medical glasses and sunglasses of very high price category. But the jewelry house Fred does not seek to impress with extravagance. In despite of all its attention to details, the designers focus not on following fashion but on keeping position of a high status. Therefore, Fred Sun glasses look conservative, classical and prestigious. True style never goes out of fashion – this is the motto of the collections of Fred Lunettes.

Sunglasses Fred produce on southern France factory in Morez. The creation of each model associated with a number of hand operations, so daily it is created only 15-20 pairs of eyewear. Each model of sunglasses has a coating made up of noble materials: palladium, gold or platinum. Palladium is a white plastic metal, coated the sunglasses and has coating thickness not less than 3 microns. This type of coverage provides protection against corrosion. 18 K gold coating will be minimum of 5 microns. Other metal which is applied is platinum. It is more reliable than silver or gold and only this material considered being hypoallergenic. All the technological steps including coating are processed under the watchful supervision of professionals whose skills are confirmed by many years of experience. Exceptional attention is paid to each manufacturing operation that allows company to achieve the highest quality and uniqueness of each Fred Lunettes Eyewear. All these sunglasses before entering the market undergo the stringent quality control and have a unique serial number, which is reflected in the passport of the sunglasses. In addition, on any model you will see the stamp of the master guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the product.

Sun Glasses Fred earned a reputation as the most expensive and prestigious in the world. The buyer of the brand Fred Lunettes is a very wealthy person, who does not pursue short-term fashion but at the same time cares about the opinion of others about himself. Modern Sun glasses Fred Lunettes are the fusion of highest quality coatings, style and status. All these distinguish the collection of Fred Lunettes and inspire confidence in the future of the brand.

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