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One of the most famous jewelry brand “Fred” is well known and loved in the world of glass optics. This legendary jewelry company was found in 1936 year by Samuel Fred. His originative talent firmly secured him the position of leader in the creation of luxury jewelry frames. And today the brand has all rights to hold one of the first places among the leading jewelry houses of the world. Collection of Fred Lunettes Eyeglasses have an important position in the range of the brand's products. The special subdivision “Fred Lunettes” was found in 1988, this branch of the brand became responsible for production of eyewear of the higher category of price. The manufacture was entrusted in one of the most famous French optical company that allowed to combine the French charm and style with European high-grade quality

Collection of Fred Lunettes Eye glasses on 80 % consists of the male eyewear, women's frames are less common and designed primarily for respectable ladies. Eyeglasses for men have a very wide age range, they are relevant for thirty years, and for people in the age of 50-60 years. That is why the collection of Eyeglasses Fred Lunettes has an advantage over competing brands. The “Fred” eyewear are always the result of painstaking manual assembling work of details from high quality materials. The models of Fred Lunettes glasses designed to create the collection of the samples of optical and jewelery craftsmanship that is so exceptional that ignore the boundaries of time. Eye glasses Fred Lunettes are made of precious materials such as 18-24 karat gold, platinum, ruthenium and palladium. They give anti corrosive, anti-scratch and hypo allergenic qualities to the glasses. All these metals used as coating materials, that apply with using of advanced coating methods. Each frame has a minimum 18 karat gold with plating thickness around 5 microns. Fred Lunettes – is a unique collection of lux category, which uses a platinum coating.

Each Eyewear Fred Lunettes is strictly controlled before it goes on a sale. All frames have a unique serial number, that is reflected in the passport of the frame. In addition on each frame you will fined engraved stamp of quality and authenticity of the brand. Stamp guarantees the quality of coating thickness made of precious metals. The frames have 24 months of international warranty, which protects the customer from the errors of production.

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