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Carrera is Italian brand whose history began in 1956 with the release of sport sunglasses, helmets, ski masks. The popular brand received the name from the world-known racing “Carrera Panamericana” held in Mexico. All these years the company is one of the leaders in the sector of the optical business. Today, Carrera, besides professional sport eyewear, offers stylish and elegant sunglasses for young people who love life, believe in themselves and go forward to achieve their goals. Carrera Sunglasses are for individualists with dainty taste.

The collections of Sun Glasses Carrera target people who live a high rate, people who are not afraid to reach new goals, to fulfill desires and dreams and express individuality. One of the favorite shapes of Carrera is a legendary "Aviator." The branded details added to this classic form brought world fame for Carrera Sun glasses. The idea of creating the eyewear collections in this shape was born out as circulation to the past, but seen through the prism of modernity with the current approach, which continues to improve from old collection to new collections.

Stylish details of Carrera aviators make sunglasses recognizable and modern: the logo on the bridge between lenses, small visible screws and graphic lines in conjunction with the brand’s name on the temples. The collection offers a palette of colors that are on the pick of popularity: black, ruthenium, palladium, gold, white, blue, tortoise, rose, violet, yellow, orange, celadon, green brown. Other models of Carrera Eyewear made in feminine style, have the high quality plastic frames in a round, square, butterfly or wayfarer shapes. These sun glasses decorated with famous colorful lines and logo of Carrera.

Carrera stands out between other companies with the use of innovative materials such as Optyl that has a memory effect. It is a polymer, which tend to take the form of face while it gets heated and after cooling to maintain the adopted shape. Or, for example, special alloy Flexolite for the production of frames. It has possessing memory, which means that if such Carrera Eyewear got twisted, crushed or deformed then it re-acquire its normal form. Important benefits of these materials that they are lightweight, easily tolerate the impact of cosmetics or sweat and have hypoallergenic class.

The collection includes models of various colors with all kinds of rims and glass. But despite this diversity, all the sunglasses of Carrera brand have one common thing – professional quality of frames and lenses with a high protection from UV rays. That is why Sunglasses Carrera have a huge circle of admirers, and have been for a long time associated with high technology and immaculate design.

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