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The famous brand of clothing Calvin Klein started to produce eyewear in 90s. Today it is one of the leading companies in a fashion industry. Minimalism and «clean» style are the key positions in the eyeglasses collection of the brand. The company Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 year and in over than 45 years it became the largest fashion empire whose success is not over. Along with the scandalous advertising campaigns the brand is known for high quality materials and impeccable style. Collection of Calvin Klein Eye glasses focuses on the sophisticated consumer who follows the latest fashion trends and understand the peculiarities of the brand. This user wants to have a refined eyeglasses with contemporary silhouette, made from materials of the highest quality. These requirements are easily get achieved with double efforts of Calvin Klein and Marchon Eyewear. Manufacturing company Marchon Eyewear is responsible for successful implementation of ideas of the fashion house Calvin Klein. The technologies that they offer provide eyeglasses of the top quality that is proved by a lot of certificates and well as on practice.

Long time ago the brand replenished the collection of accessories with stylish Calvin Klein Eyeglasses. The distinguishing characteristics of the frames are purism and minimalism. Thus, many of Calvin Klein Eyeglasses have a classical full-frame tipping of rims. As it is common for the purism style, the eyewear made in calm and simple colors. Mainly dominate black, steel, brown, tortoise and honey colors. The decorations of the temples reduced to a minimum. You can come across with two metal “T” letters that enframe the bends or covers of the temples. The designers of Eyeglasses Calvin Klein stick to the classic rectangular and wayfarer styles. Despite the fact that these shapes are classical but their simple and clear lines create an image of mystery and fascination. The design of Eye glasses Calvin Klein do not contain anything superfluous so nothing is destructing from your true beauty.

The brand Calvin Klein loves impeccable well-defined silhouette and avoids excesses. And all these is conceived for the sake of noble simplicity. Their collection of eyeglasses is one of the most luxurious and prestigious in the family of Calvin Klein. It sets the tone of elegance and modern sophistication for other brands too. The best materials, the richest colors and the simplest decorations – all these together is what Calvin Klein Eyewear collection is. If you like elegance and classical style dominates in your wardrobe, then Eyeglasses Calvin Klein will be the perfect completion of your ideal image!

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