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Bvlgari is a best known brand for its graceful beauty. It was founded by Sotirio Bulgaris – silversmith, who is famous for his jewelry with its easy recognizable style. Sunglasses Bvlgari are high-quality products from expensive materials. The eyewear is characterized by audacious combinations with clear thoughtful design and attention to details. As the decorative elements for sunglass frame is used an ornament from equal jewelry collection Parentesi. All application elements are encrusted with transparent crystals in combination with black plastic frames, which make theBvlgari Sun glasses extraordinarily stylish and glamorous.

Bvlgari is proud of its bold combinations of precious metals with impeccable design and attention to small features. Each pair of Sun glasses Bvlgari is a true masterpiece. Each frame is an unique art object, so, you will look exclusive and luxurious. The main feature of the collection is the classic design with contemporary details. Bvlgari is really superior to other optical brands in regard to the production of stylish sunglasses, so, we can distinguish this brand easily among others. In the design of the Bvlgari Sunglasses are used precious crystals of Swarovski, which allows to create truly exquisite and just adorable eyewear frames. In general, the jewels are used as decorative elements on the temples of sunglasses. The collection is certainly a remarkable combination of elegance, glamor and beauty. A pair of Eyewear Bvlgari is an excellent investment for person who appreciates impeccable class and reputation.

The prevailing amount of Bvlgari Eyewear models re performed in large and perfectly balanced shapes. The men’s models are presented in “aviator” or square shapes, feminine variants are - cat eye, shield, oval, huge round and butterfly frames. The oversized frames were inspired by memories of a bygone era. Broad lines, ornamental trim and plenty of glass - all these details are combined in Bvlgari Sun glasses. Along with the obligatory black, Bvlgari palette also includes colors of precious metals: silver, gold and, of course, bronze. Also pastel shades, such as rose, ivory, purple and honey. The using of innovative technologies, including laser engraving, gives the models an elegant luxury and very stylish look. The main themes are the charm of the southern islands, geometric shapes and patterns.

In our online shop exboutique.com you will find a full range of sunglasses of this famous brand. You have all freedom to choose the accessory that will most accentuate your personality, fits your style and makes image brighter. The trustworthy quality, which is guaranteed by high status of one of the oldest fashion Europe houses and long standing jewelry traditions, is embodied in this accessory. From our side, we offer genuine art works of Bvlgari only.

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