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Purchasing designer eyewear we are expecting that it won’t be ordinary conveyor copy. The ripping models of Andy Wolf Eyewear are specially created for the connoisseurs of detailed hand work. The optical collection «Andy Wolf» was created by Andreas Pirkheim, the owner of the company “Titanic Optik”, Wolfgang Scheucher and a group of young designers. Each and every pair of glasses is a master peace of Austrian handiwork. That’s why Andy Wolf Glasses are so highly appreciated among the rank and fashion

The first Andy Wolf collection was presented in 2006 at the exhibition “SILMO” in Paris and immediately attracted the attention of specialists. The audacious goal of the authors was to create the best eyewear collection on the marketplace. In help for achieving this goal came the trendy ideas of a leading designer Katharina Plattner, embodied in exceptional quality handicraft. The models of Eyeglasses Andy Wolf take us back to the immortal style of the 40s years of the last century. Those times were full of charm of the stars like James Stewart, Glenn Miller, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn and enriched by jazz sounds and aroma of Cuban cigars.

Collections of Andy Wolf Eyeglasses look very bright and trendy. The feminine glasses are made in a popular cat eyes shape, some of it decorated with lace or tortoise prints. In generally the using of prints are quite typical designer solutions for Glasses Andy Wolf. The other favored shape is butterfly made in light and vivid colors. The most common styles of men’s glasses are so called “wayfarers”, oval and round. And there are no limits of flight of a fantasy: orange, white, grey, black, violet, blue, purple, green, rose…and all these colors are in such perfect combination that it is left out only to admire the mastery and taste of the designer. Brand Andy Wolf also offers more restrained and classical models in gray, black and beige colors with rectangular lenses. These models will be good for those who determined their style as moderate and austere.

The manufacture of one pair of Eye glasses Andy Wolf takes up to several weeks, because during their development considered not only the beauty of design and color combinations, but also convenience of wearing and quality of hand work. Now buying Andy Wolf Eye Glasses you know that their creations are embodiment not only of professionalism, but also of a soul of master.

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