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The brand Adidas appeared in 1924 year. And up to this day it pleased with the same high standard of German quality. The main focus of the companys founder (Adi Dassler) to provide for every athlete professional sport shoes, clothing and other facilities of the best quality won him the respect and friendship of many famous sportsmen. Today, as well as from the beginning when the company was founded, the collection of Adidas Sunglasses specifically designed for athletes and admirers of active recreation. The models reflect all important requirements defined to eyewear because of the specificity of different types of sport. Adidas Sunglasses are in great demand not only among professional athletes, but also for those who want to look sporty and play sports for fun. The manufacture of Sun glasses Adidas includes all the latest technologies and incorporates the most recent fashion trends.

Sunglasses and goggles Adidas it is your perfect vision, eyes protection, perfect fit on the face and wear resistance of parts. The collection of sports sun glasses created by Adidas aimed mainly to professional athletes. That is why it is difficult to enumerate the number of technologies used in the production process. The technology Vision Advantage PC due to a displaced optical center of lens, allows to avoid distortions and to use the lens of the greater curvature for more tight wrapping around the face. Filters that are used to protect from UV rays belongs to the first category which means 100% protection from harmful sun rays. The next innovation is dynamic ventilation system Clima Cool. It consists of the holes on the frame which directs air flows so that it does not interfere vision. It also allows to adjust humidity level and prevents the lens of Adidas Sun glasses from fogging. Color stabilization technology (LST ) improves a contrast and at the same time regulates the level of light fluctuation caused by the play of light and shadow. It prevents from eye fatigue and increases general concentration. Needless to say about numerous technologies that make Sunglasses Adidas lightweight, comfortable and durable.

Such high technological cocktail in combination with perfect style of the models gives huge popularity and demand for the Adidas Eyewear. In a present time all more or less big sport events are not held without participation of Adidas. This fact ones again proves the high prestige of the brand. Purchasing Adidas Sunglasses you choose the way to success in your sport career or in an active daily life.

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